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Title Loans

Need cash in a hurry? 1 Stop Title Loans is your answer. Bad Credit? No Credit? It does not matter, Get the Cash You Need Today in Just Minutes!

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1 Stop Title Loans proudly serves Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, Gilbert, Avondale and Kingman Arizona with auto title loans and registration loans.

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Quickly apply online now for your Arizona title loan or Arizona registration loan with a no obligation quote. No credit check required!

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Unexpected emergencies can disturb your whole budget, such as a medical emergency or house repair after an earthquake.

In this emergency, you can’t get a traditional loan from a bank or other financial institution. Your friends and family members may not give you any money in this tough time. In this situation, a cart title loan can be a good choice for you.

It is a secured loan that enables borrowers to use the title of their vehicle as collateral to get a loan. The borrower who gets the title loan should allow the lender to put one lien on his/her car.

The owner of the car will momentarily surrender the documents of vehicle title/ownership.

To remove the lien from their vehicle, they have to repay their loan, and the vehicle title will be returned to the owner of the car.

If the debtor is unable to repay the loan, the lender can reclaim the vehicle and sell it for the payment of an outstanding debt of borrower.

These are short-term loans and carry high-interest rates as compared to other loans.

The lender may not disclose the borrower’s credit history to provide these loans. Only the condition and value of your loan will be considered to secure this loan. This loan is secured, but the lenders often charge high-interest rates.

Most of the car title loans take only 15 minutes to acquire money. The loan amount may vary between $100 and $1,000. Some lenders verify the employment or the regular source of income of the borrower.

Choose 1-Stop Title Loans for your Title Pawn or Auto Equity Loan

No loan is too small or too big. Whether you need $50 bucks or $50,000 we can help.

All of our loans are cash loans. Why make two stops when you can make 1 Stop

A family operated local Arizona Title & Registration Loan business since 2003

1 Stop offers loans for customers that are still making payments on their cars.

Easy loan & payment terms to fit your title loan repayment needs.

1 Stop Auto Title Loans is an Easy & Fast way to get a cash loan. Stop in Today!

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Still making payments on your car?

For those who do not own their car and are still making payments, 1 Stop Title Loans offers Arizona Registration Loans. Registration Loans do not require a clear and free title, they do not require a credit check and as always you get to keep and drive your car! Get your cash loan today!

Registration Loan Requirements

Do you already have a title loan?

Let 1 Stop help you save! Before you next payment is due, Transfer / refinance your title loan with us to lower your monthly cost and you may even qualify for more cash!

Learn more about title loan refinancing

Loan Payment

Pay at your local 1 Stop Title Loan locations. Pay by phone: Give us a call at 623-748-4105 Manage and pay your bill online! log in to your account.

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Disclosures for Short-term Loans

  • Short Term APR

    The Annual Percentage Rate will be based on the amount of the loan. As per Arizona 1Stop Titles Loans will not exceed that allowable APR, the allowable range is from 120%-204% APR (or 10%-17% Monthly Percentage Rate.) Title Loans and Personal Registration Loans are only intended to meet short-term financial needs. When compared to long-term interest rates which may be available to you by other lenders, these extremely high rates should caution you to not borrow for longer than what is absolutely necessary, and do not borrow more than you can afford to repay on your due day. Customer notice: 1 Stop Money Centers may not be the lender in all cases and may act as a “broker” then we will be positioned to move leads the other direction
  • Non-payment implications

    Non-payment implications: 1Stop enters contractual short term loan agreements with their customers. Financial implications: A late fee of 5% or $10.00 (whichever is less) is assessed to loans that are past due ten (10) days. Collection Practices: it is 1Stop Title Loans objective to provide a loan that works within your financial needs. If for some unforeseen reason you are not able to make you payment, 1Stop will work with you to get back in good standings. We also work within the guidelines of the FDCPA. Potential Credit Score Impact: 1Stop Title Loans does not currently report non-payment to the three credit agencies. However, if we are not able to get the loan repaid, and we file a suit in civil court and a judgment is obtained, this will become part of your credit history. Renewal Policy Information: Short term loans are automatically renewed if not paid in full on the loan due date.
  • Loan Payment

    1Stop Title Loans offer short term loans design specifically to help consumers pay their loan off at their own pace. Our payment process allows you to make just minimal interest payments when your budget is tight, and when you have a little extra cash you can contribute to your principle balance. 1Stop always suggest paying even the slightest amount toward principle to help lower your loan amount. At any time you can pay-off your entire loan with no pre-payment penalties.
  • Our State Accreditation

    We are accredited business in the state of Arizona, please visit Arizona Title Loan Association Members website to see us listed
  • Contact us

    1Stop Money Centers has 13 Locations all over Arizona. Our Main office located at 1501 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85006, Phone: (602) 253-6002. Please visit our Location page for specific addresses and phones.